A Few Murders - A Little Mayhem - A Good Dose of Romance - And As Much Humor As I Can Fit In:

Twisted Fate

Fate takes a hand when single parents Gabrielle DeLuca and Joshua Cooper orbit each other in a series of serendipitous near misses sprinkled among a terrifying hunt for revenge.

Living under a new identity, Gabrielle and her three children move to the foothills of Colorado, where they hope to live in peace. While staying hidden from a violent ex is top priority for Gabby, discovering her true self and finding that inner strength becomes the key to survival.

Josh and his son, Alex, live a good life, even though both have something important missing: a wife and mother. When Fate steers Josh in Gabby's direction, he's convinced she's the one for him, but life's never that easy. For one thing, he's got to actually meet her before he can woo her. And he might just have to save her life as well.

Heaven Help Me

Finding your sister's killer isn't an easy task for young attorney, Nicole Carmichael, who knows nothing about solving a murder. Little does Nicole know, she’s about to get more help than she asked for, because Heaven is sending the newly departed to assist.

Of course, Jillian, Heaven's newest guardian angel, has her own idea of what kind of help her sister needs. And when Nicole hires private investigator, Jake Stoner, to assist her, Jillian thinks he's just the right man to convince Nicole to start living her own life.  

While trouble brews here on Earth, Jillian stirs things up in Heaven. A little divine intervention may not be much help to the murder investigation, but it sure goes a long way when Jillian can’t resist giving her reluctant sister a little shove toward love. 

A SReason For Healing

A heartwarming Christmas story currently under construction. Please excuse the wait.


Book 1 - Sleepless

Alaina Reynolds doesn’t remember ever not hearing the voices of long dead souls whispering in her ear. But it wasn’t until discovering her unique ability was hereditary that she dared to listen. Now that she has, helping these lost souls ensure their killers don’t continue to get away with murder becomes her number one priority. Only thing is, Alaina’s not willing to risk being tossed in a padded cell to accomplish that goal. So, when Alaina decides to team up with a special cold case squad, she does it anonymously.

Little does she know, FBI Agent, Caden O’Connor, doesn’t particularly like the idea of working with an unnamed source, no matter how good their information turns out to be. That’s only one of the reasons Caden sets out to learn his informant’s true identity, however. The other is an obsession that grows with every case they solve together. Problem is, Caden isn’t the only one who's will do just about anything to get close to the one woman who has the ability to nail a cold case killer.

Book 2 - Visual Contact

The Cold Case Squad's newest recruit, Special Agent, Julia Scott, has a special ability that just might get her killed. Then again, it's also the thing that helped her earn a spot on this elite squad of paranormal investigators. 

Thanks to her visions of death, as the search for a serial killer continues, Julia becomes the target of a local drug lord who manages to have her stranded in the winter mountains of Colorado. Making matters worse, Ethan McKenna, a man the FBI would love to talk to, is stranded right along with her.

While Julia tries to figure out if Ethan's the serial killer they're looking for, or a suspect in the recent murder of a fellow FBI agent, Ethan's got an agenda all his own.   


  1. Can't wait to see Sleepless in print. I have read quite a few books in this genre, and I like this one better than any of them. Yes, I may be biased, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong about its value!

  2. Read the finished manuscript after a several month long wait! Loved it and finished it in two days! I cannot wait to read the next in the series! this book which is not my normal genre had me n the edge of my seat and laughing out loud the whole way through! Loved, Loved, Loved Sleepless!

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  4. I can't wait to read it. It sounds great! I LOVE the fact that it is a series....makes it even more exciting.